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One Year Later

Did a little experiment to see what practicing does. There is a lot of talk about doing the work or putting in 10,000 hours for you to get really good at something. Some say you don’t really need talent; you just need discipline and perseverance. Others do acknowledge that you need some talent in order to be the best. I’m in the later camp but I do believe that you can get quite good at something if you put in the effort.

The picture on the left is a marker drawing done about a year ago. Now, I do have some talent where if I use pencil and work at it long enough (about 8 hours, maybe), I can do a reasonable facsimile of a photo. But what I was trying to do was see if I can learn to draw without using pencils and erasing. Just lay down a good set of marks from the get go without erasing. I chose markers because ith markers, you can’t do any erasing; whatever you lay down is what you get. But I also didn’t know that blending is rather difficult. So my first attempt is on the left. Pretty sad.

The one on the right is nearly a year later, after doing a drawing almost every night. Sometimes daily living gets in the way with necessary errands to run, long traffic, late work nights or doing this website. And I don’t always have this smashing success without erasers but it is happening more frequently. So maybe after a couple of more years, I’ll be phenomenal!