Veronique Frizzell

An Experimental Website about using numbers: finance, Excel, math, and data

I know I'm breaking all of the rules about sticking to a single topic on a website so that visitors know what to expect. My problem is I can't stick to one topic, so I'm trying to stick as best as I can on subjects about numbers, Excel, and data. But I will sometimes veer off; hence, the reason why I call this site experimental. Also, I tend to play around with WordPress to see what it can do. I would like to one day dive into website programming so that I can make this website do more. In the meantime, I will continue to write about what happens at work, what I learn and what I'm curious about.

This site is best look at in landscape mode. The theme is only quasi-responsive.

And I am still working on updating the About Me section.

Mixed Media - watercolor, acrylic and ink - "Beaming Joy"

Think happy thoughts. Forget about the Nazi type rallies in Charlottesville and the associated violence. Forget about the strongman rhetoric with North Korea and the potential for nuclear war. Forget about the healthcare battles. Forget about the Robert Mueller investigation. Just think about how you have a job and how the economic situation seems to be improving in the US. Jobs may be coming back.

We'll see.

It sure is a long hot summer.