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I know I'm breaking all of the rules about sticking to a single topic on a website so that visitors know what to expect. My problem is I can't stick to one topic, so I'm trying to stick as best as I can on subjects about numbers, Excel, and data. But I will sometimes veer off; hence, the reason why I call this site experimental. Also, I tend to play around with WordPress to see what it can do. I would like to one day dive into website programming so that I can make this website do more. In the meantime, I will continue to write about what happens at work, what I learn and what I'm curious about.

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And I am still working on updating the About Me section.

Knock Out - Fall of Democracy?

Okay, now the House Republican just passed their version of the healthcare that looks like it will be worse for the average American, according to the news. I don't think passing the buck to the states was what the American people had in mind. They wanted Congress to fix healthcare, not pass the buck.

This is scary - how will America hold together? I just read an article in National Geographic about a civil war in the Central African Republic that began when people got tired of corruption and betrayal. Then it became a fight of killing between Muslims and Christian, even though the crux of the issue was not about religion.