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Decision Time - Iowa Votes

The election cycle is starting in earnest with the first set of votes this month (February). For the past six or seven months, the polls have been indicating that Trump is in the front by a large margin with Cruz recently gaining upon him. On the Democratic side, Hillary Clinton has been in the lead but Sanders has been putting up a good fight and may be recently gaining on her, too.

Okay, the American people are angry and want change, any change, but, we have got to vote with our head, not with our emotions. You just can’t pick anybody for the sake of change because you could be making a very, very bad choice. Just because you want change doesn’t mean those “outsiders” will be good for you or the country. We could be in the same situation as the Germans faced in the ’30s when Hitler showed up. They voted him in because he promised a change in their economic situation and promised he would make Germany great again. We could be picking our very own Hitler.