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I know I'm breaking all of the rules about sticking to a single topic on a website so that visitors know what to expect. My problem is I can't stick to one topic, so I'm trying to stick as best as I can on subjects about numbers, Excel, and data. But I will sometimes veer off; hence, the reason why I call this site experimental. Also, I tend to play around with WordPress to see what it can do. I would like to one day dive into website programming so that I can make this website do more. In the meantime, I will continue to write about what happens at work, what I learn and what I'm curious about.

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After He Walks Off Tthe World's Stage

Everyday there is something new and horrendous in the news. When I drew this picture, I had no idea that FBI Director James Comey would be fired, that the President would tell Lestor Holt that it was because of the "Russian thing", that a special prosecutor would be assigned, that the special prosecutor would start investigating the President for possible obstruction of justice, and that the President would consider firing the special prosecutor Mueller. Firing the special prosecutor after firing Comey? I thought he was supposed to be smart?

And on Monday, that Cabinet meeting... that was one sick meeting. With the exception of General Mattis, there was no one with any self-respect in that room. These are supposed to be our leaders? Our best and brightest?