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A major healthcare insurer sent missing data?

Missing SSN

In the last post I wrote about messy data where some people shared the same SSN or some had 2 SSN. How about where some had NO SSN? This is coming from what I think is a large healthcare insurer and yet the data is sloppy. Maybe I'm being too harsh or unrealistic?

I've had to re-do pieces of my approach due to missing SSN, which makes the file a bit more complicated. On Thursday, I thought I had it figured out and was working on finetuning the macro programming where it did most of the work. The file figures out what the SSN should be and pulls together the data from the healthcare insurer with that of the broker so that whoever works with the file can reconcile any variances.

By Friday afternoon I had worked through 4 months of data when I hit a snag. It was late Friday afternoon so I may have been tired but I was discouraged. I was thinking at the time that I might have to start all over but now that the weekend has passed, I might have another idea.

So tomorrow I might start on the new idea or I might work on the ACA electronic transmission. I've had to hold off on this project while we wait for codes such as confirmation and TCC codes. Maybe we will get the TCC codes tomorrow and I can begin testing? I don't have much time left. We have a little less than a month and a half.

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