A Puzzle

A puzzleSuppose you were handed an assignment one day, one which your boss and co-workers could not figure out. They needed to figure out which tax amounts were related to which expenses. For some reason, the computer system dished out a list of numbers with no rhyme or reason or description. The only clue you had was that the computer report did signify which amounts were regular charges and which ones were taxes.

To further muddy the waters, your boss and coworkers were not certain what the tax rates were – there were two tax rates: state and city. One of your coworker tried going into the computer system to find out what tax rates were used but for some unknown reason, the system did not easily give up that information.

So what do you do?

Next post will give you an approach.

If you want to try solving this, an example file is found below. That file is 2013 Excel.







Hopefully a downloadable file:

Puzzle – 2013 Excel file

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