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ACA How-To Part 1: Who This Short Series is For

ACA How-To Part 1: For Whom is this Series

The solution I created works for small, maybe medium companies (we had 2200 forms; I don't know the upper limit), using Excel data, and not participating in self-insurance. If your company had self-insurance, you might be able to make small alterations to make it work but since I don't know that area, I can't speak to it. You should ask your HR department if your company used a health provider or did self-insurance. If you did not have self-insurance, then all you have to fill out in the 1095C form is Part 1 and 2; Part 3 does not have to be filled out. The answer sheets to the test Scenarios 3 will show you some examples where a company offered insurance to spouses and dependents and only had Part 1 and 2 filled out because the company did not do self-insurance. Scenario 5 contains instances of self-insurance and you will see Part 3 filled out. In the XML file, the fields with "CoveredIndividuals..." relate to self-insurance. My methodology does not address self-insurance.

This is not for large companies (of course! They would have used some other methodology rather than Excel, right?).

If you need help only with the conversion of Excel to XML, then the next step is to go here.

Otherwise, let's kick it off by starting with the tools you need.