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ACA How-To Part 5: Testing Your Data Form File

Now you are ready to test your 1094-1095 XML file.

Let's talk about this. You have a choice: you can either test it using the XML Notepad 2007 and get your results back pronto or you can try it in the UI channel and get a response back at least a day later, if not longer. You are better off testing it using the XML Notepad 2007.

What you will do is place your XML in the MSG folder (part of the schemas that you downloaded from the government). Then fire up the XML Notepad and open up that XML file via File Open. Notice at the bottom in the Description area, there are "error" messages, talking about references and declarations. That's fine.

Next, you want to bring in the government's schema to test your file. You will do View - Schemas, clear out any old schemas, and then go find the government's schema, which in this case is "IRS-Form1094-1095CTransmitterUpstreamMessage", the very same one you used to create your 1094C. You might have to change the file type to "All Files" in order to see the schema. When you hit OK, give it a few minutes, and the results should appear in the Description. Hopefully, it will be empty. If the Description is empty, then your XML file passed the government's schema. If there is anything in Description, read the message and try to fix the error.

And that's all there is to testing. Now all you have to do is create the Manifest header and then you are ready to submit to the government.