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Are the Republicans Tripping?

Are the Republicans Tripping?Or is it that they don’t have a lot of good options?

It’s scary because right now the regular Republican folks are going to vote for Trump, despite what their leaders such as Mitt Romney say. They are so angry they don’t want the usual politicians and all of the remaining Republican candidates (Cruz, Rubio and Kasich) have held offices. Cruz is holding second place probably because he is willing to be nihilistic.

We’ve had eight years of do nothing Congress with no progress on getting things done. Since the Great Recession, the economic plight of the regular Americans have not improved while the super wealthy continues to live the good life. Despite the recent pick up in the economy, Americans do not feel very secure. They probably have been hearing that their wage growth has stalled while the rewards of increasing productivity has gone to the select few at the top.

And now, with Citizens United, the billionaires such as oil magnates and hedge fund managers are pouring in money. And I think the people are revolting. They don’t want the candidates that the wealthy ones want.

So the pitchforks have come out in the figurative sense.

Twenty percent of the Republicans approve of slavery. The KKK supports Trump. And his campaign hints at violence and spews hatred. Chris Christie, who is noted as a bully, now supports Trump in an opportunistic manner because his approval rating at home is plummeting. Trump and Christie – the bully bros.

This feels like Germany in the 30’s.

And what are our alternatives? Ted Cruz who is willing to court default for his own gain? Marco Rubio who is just as willing to deny immigration even though he is of Cuban descent? Like I say, the alternatives don’t look good.

So why don’t the average Republicans move over to the Democrats? Well, the Democrats support the blacks, the homosexuals and abortion rights, so the party is unattractive to the KKK, the 20% who believe in slavery, and the religious. So they have no where to go. Trump ends up being their best option, even though they have said to the pollsters that they don’t think he is good either.

If it’s bad now, just wait until we have automation wiping out between 40 to 50% of the jobs. I think it’s time that businesses start changing what it means to have a capitalistic society. We need to move from shareholder value to community values. We need to change before the real pitchforks come out.

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