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Impact of Capitalism on Trump Voters

Dark Side of Capitalism 2
This post is actually going to contain two parts: the first part about the personality traits of the Trump voters and the second part about capitalism's role in the election. Now I always thought there were 3 groups of Trump voters: a) the hardcore supporters who believe in the white supremacy and racist elements of Trump's agenda (I would say this group would have value system that woul...
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Tax Reform A La Nick Hanauer

Nick Hanauer on Tax Cuts
Let's talk about tax reform...or maybe it's really going to be tax cuts rather than a reform. I've been reading in the news that most of the cuts are geared toward the wealthy (why doesn't this surprise me?) and that maybe those who make around 80-100K will see an increase in taxes. Those at the lower end will see only a minimal increase, maybe where around $600.  I've also read that mos...
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Using a macro to help me review data

New Idea - Using Macro as Guide to Review Data
[Yesterday I was going to do a post but Microsoft had other ideas for me. It turned out they hadn't finished updating my machine last week so last night I had to let it finish the update. Besides WordPress was telling me that I did not have the latest version of Microsoft Edge. Unfortunately, by the time Microsoft finished the update, it was time for me to wrap up and get ready for bed.]...
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Keeping Up With New Revenue Recognition Rules

Keeping Up With New Financial Regulations
[Here we go again. Another storm is brewing and is supposed to hit the Gulf this weekend. No No No!] A few days ago I re-read some new financial regulations because I've been receiving emails about the new financial rules that will start this December. Since I don't do finance directly at this time, I haven't heard so much about this at work. It's been quiet. It may be because the owners...
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Topic of Mastery

Topic of Mastery
[The posts this weekend will be of the lighter fare - nothing on math, data, programming or excel. I have a lot of stuff going on over the next few days so I need to get ready for them. And, in about an hour and half, Microsoft will finish updating my machine with a major update. I think it's the Creators update. That would explain why my machine has been sooooo slow lately.] The other d...
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The Tech Backlash

Tech Backlash - Fast Company
Here's another article from Fast Company, this time about the tech industry and how the industry is experiencing a backlash. There has been an onslaught of negative media, centering over these main points: regular folks' fear of automation sweeping across the business world, bringing everlasting unemployment and destitute living, the awful bro culture, and the vast wealth for the few wh...
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