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Building My Own Template

Building My Own TemplateAfter a week of working with Basecamp, it looks like I’m going to have to create my own template, based upon the comments made by others in my group. We have projects that come in waves so the timing of the tasks are staggered for each track of sites (sites are being migrated to a new software). The migration of different tracks overlap each other; in other words, the migration for one track will start before the other track finishes. Basecamp just creates a running list of tasks. Although they do show up on a calendar, there are so many of them that everything just looks cluttered. So I’m working on a more visual version so that we can see the status quickly and yet have the details on hand. It will probably mimic Microsoft Project. I would use it but we don’t have Microsoft Project and I don’t really want anything complicated to work with. (Although creating my own template could end up being just as complicated and not as robust.) So, this weekend I will be trying to get most of this figured out, as well as do some financial stuff for my friend. It’s going to be a busy weekend.

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