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Analysis of an Outlier

Analysis for an Outlier Problem - Data Tables
A couple of things to mention before I get into the heart of this post: 1) It's that time of the year again where I have a lot more things to do and paradoxically I get close to nothing done. Like this weekend. I had planned to do quite a few other stuffs this weekend but then midway on Saturday, I realized that I have only 1 more week until Thanksgiving. Which means if I want to beat th...
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Experimenting with Heat Maps

Research data - attempting to do analysis by using a form of heat map
I tried to do this post this morning but my machine wanted to do something else: either Apple was trying to push something or my security software wanted to do some updates. I can't tell which was preventing me from doing anything, either going out to the Internet or shutting off my machine. So I let the machine spend a couple of hours doing what it wanted to do and I initiated my securi...
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Two topics: hurricane weather and the need to double check your Excel results.

This post is going to be very short because I have a headache, probably from lack of sleep over worry about this storm. We're supposed to have tremendous amount of flooding over the weekend - between 15 -20 inches.  The weather is coming in via hurricane and it is supposed to stall in our area for three or four days. Being stationary for that length of time means a potential for catastro...
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Mindware: Simple Statistics

Mindware: Commonsense statistics
[My Page Builder from Site Origin no longer works since the last WordPress update. I'm not happy! It makes it much harder to format and save these pages!] Are you trying to convince someone to your viewpoint and they just won't buy it? You try providing facts and logic but it seems to be going nowhere? It sometimes feel like logic alone won't move them? Well, this article provides some possible...
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Metropolitan Areas versus Rural: Job Growth is Concentrated in Metropolitan Areas

Rural Areas See No Job Growth Since 2007
I read an article in the New York Times, about a week or so ago, about how the rural areas saw a devastating collapse of job growth since the Great Recession (but I would almost think it began around 2000 when wages started flattening out). The author, Thomas Edsall, usually writes about psychological insights into people and overlay that with statistics and charts. This article is an interest...
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