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Book: The Second Machine Age – prelude before reading the next book

Book - The Second Machine Age
I'm still bounded by flooded roads but I can see some improvements. The tiny way out is still there but those major floods along the main road, around the major highway, and the bayou are still there and blocking my route around town. So I'm still effectively shut in. And we are under water conservation because of flooding damage at the wastewater treatment plant. So no bathing or anythi...
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Neo-Generalist: A New Way of Being

The invite to connect in LinkedIn read: “I read your fine post/synthesis 'Skills you will need for the future'. Thank you for sharing your reflections. I'm a friend of Marty and I've followed Ito's work for a long time." Kenneth MikkelsenThis personal message led me to buying and reading his book. And I'm glad I did.The message was the first time anybody made the effort to write out a pe...
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Thank You for Being Late: a Summary of What We Should Do in a World of Robots

Thank You for Being Late
“The Dutch chess grandmaster Jan Hein Donner was asked how he’d prepare for a chess match against a computer like IBM’s Deep Blue. Donner replied: “I would bring a hammer.” From Thank You for Being Late, Chapter 7, by Thomas Friedman, which itself has pulled from The Second Machine Age. This is a common feeling among people not in the tech industry. People fear being left behind. The wor...
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Mindware: Reasoning

Mindware - Using Logic or Reasoning
  I wasn't going to use the puzzle in this post but the statistic was so astounding that I felt compelled. If less than 20% of college students can reason deductively the answer, what does that say about non-college educated people? Is this the source of our problem of the uneducated voting against their best interest? The next section of Mindware by Richard Nisbett talks about reasoning o...
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Mindware – Perform Experiments!

AB Testing - The Right Way
The next topic in the romp through Mindware by Richard Nisbett is the idea of testing. The scientific way is to test theories to see which hypothesis is true. The author says that if you can do testing, then go for testing over doing regression analysis. Testing gets closer to the reality than regression analysis. If you have results from both testing and regression analysis, and both are confl...
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Mindware: Simple Statistics

Mindware: Commonsense statistics
[My Page Builder from Site Origin no longer works since the last WordPress update. I'm not happy! It makes it much harder to format and save these pages!] Are you trying to convince someone to your viewpoint and they just won't buy it? You try providing facts and logic but it seems to be going nowhere? It sometimes feel like logic alone won't move them? Well, this article provides some possible...
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