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Mindware: Economic Thinking

Mindware - Economic Thinking
Continuing with trying to see how we can improveĀ our thinking process, the next series of chapters in Mindware by Richard Nisbett centers around economic thinking. You should get the book because the author has a lot of insightful knowledge about human behavior and I won't be touching those. But first, before I get into that, here is an article about evangelicals disbelieving the media and ...
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Mindware – The Power of the Situation

Today's short post will be about one of the two books that I'm reading: Mindware. The book is supposed to give you tools for thinking intelligently and discusses ways people err. Thinking intelligently is going to be very important in this day and age of fake news. A lot of people are believing in conspiracy theories and lies or "alternative facts" are being bandied about. How do we know if someth...
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Skills you will need for the future – a new book

9 Principles and 5 Metaskills
I'm still on a book reading binge. This time it's a book about what kind of skills we will need in the age of roboticization. About 2 years ago, I read Metaskills by Marty Neumeier. Fascinating book. He has so many gems in there. I did a series of posts on the book here. The quick version is narrated down below and is added as illustration of another thought. The latest book is Whiplash by Joi...
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Understanding the Drug Crisis and Maybe the Trump Supporter

Don't Even Think of Starting
I've been reading books in the effort to understand where those Trump supporters may be coming from - what is their worldview. Right now I'm of the view that there are two kinds of Trump supporters: 1) the deplorables who are racists and bigots supporting the philosophies of David Duke and the white nationalists (which seems to be a close cousin to Nazi nationalism) and 2) the economically dis...
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Rule 6 in Making It In America – Invest

Making It In America - Investing
Since last week I've been sick so I've had to pull back on all activities (blogging, readingĀ and drawing, for example). I'm still under the weather so I will be taking it easy to make sure I get enough sleep. Today's post was one planned last week but I got sick, so now I'm catching up. This post may be the last or next to the last post on the book Making It In America by John Bassett. The ...
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Rule 5 in Making It In America: Don’t Panic

Don'T Panic
Remember how right after the Lehman Brothers fell into bankruptcy, companies started laying off people right and left? There was such an aura of fear that the economy would dive off the cliff. Banks were starting to fail, companies with a huge financial unit (GE for example) could not obtain short term loans, and politicians were wondering want to do. It was a very tense time. Regular compa...
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