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Now I Know Why I Don’t Use Data Tables

Excel Data Tables - Whiy I Don't Use Them
I spent some time working on how to use data tables with some question at work and I now know why I never used them before: the type of work I did before (and now) just don't lend themselves well to the formulation of data tables. Also, the people I'm working with don't necessarily ask "what-ifs" questions. Data tables can have at most 2 varying variables. I was looking at a situation of limiti...
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Baseball and Analytics: a Case of Complementing Machine with Human Skills

Baseball and Analytics
This is going to be a short post because I am having problems with this administration site where I add posts. I previously could not log in to make my post and thus had to go to a helpdesk. They were able to fix things up. The problem supposedly stems from coding problems with the core program that holds or runs this website. And I'm having problems actually working with this post syste...
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Using a macro to help me review data

New Idea - Using Macro as Guide to Review Data
[Yesterday I was going to do a post but Microsoft had other ideas for me. It turned out they hadn't finished updating my machine last week so last night I had to let it finish the update. Besides WordPress was telling me that I did not have the latest version of Microsoft Edge. Unfortunately, by the time Microsoft finished the update, it was time for me to wrap up and get ready for bed.]...
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Experimenting with Heat Maps

Research data - attempting to do analysis by using a form of heat map
I tried to do this post this morning but my machine wanted to do something else: either Apple was trying to push something or my security software wanted to do some updates. I can't tell which was preventing me from doing anything, either going out to the Internet or shutting off my machine. So I let the machine spend a couple of hours doing what it wanted to do and I initiated my securi...
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Metropolitan Areas versus Rural: Job Growth is Concentrated in Metropolitan Areas

Rural Areas See No Job Growth Since 2007
I read an article in the New York Times, about a week or so ago, about how the rural areas saw a devastating collapse of job growth since the Great Recession (but I would almost think it began around 2000 when wages started flattening out). The author, Thomas Edsall, usually writes about psychological insights into people and overlay that with statistics and charts. This article is an interest...
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ACA: Worried about this year’s reporting cycle

ACA: Worried
Two weeks ago, just before I got sick, I was working on the ACA reporting and was on the third attempt to use the new data. I believe my last post on the ACA was about how I needed to finish up the review of data, and the hope was that I would have about 80% done by the spreadsheet. Last year, my spreadsheet got 75% of the way through before we had to do the manual production of the reporting ...
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