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More Experimentation to Make Data Tables Work

I did some more experimenting with data tables to see why my last efforts with data tables did not work. A biggie is that the input variable has to be hard coded - it cannot be a formula which is a bummer because I like to have the flexibility to alter things. The numbers have to be entered as a hard coded number or can be set as a series fill (Home - Fill - Series). The other biggie is the out...
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Now I Know Why I Don’t Use Data Tables

Excel Data Tables - Whiy I Don't Use Them
I spent some time working on how to use data tables with some question at work and I now know why I never used them before: the type of work I did before (and now) just don't lend themselves well to the formulation of data tables. Also, the people I'm working with don't necessarily ask "what-ifs" questions. Data tables can have at most 2 varying variables. I was looking at a situation of limiti...
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Analysis of an Outlier

Analysis for an Outlier Problem - Data Tables
A couple of things to mention before I get into the heart of this post: 1) It's that time of the year again where I have a lot more things to do and paradoxically I get close to nothing done. Like this weekend. I had planned to do quite a few other stuffs this weekend but then midway on Saturday, I realized that I have only 1 more week until Thanksgiving. Which means if I want to beat th...
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There is a Limit to How Long a Macro Can Be

Limits on How Long Your Macro Can Be
This is going to be a quickie post because I did not do anything exciting. Well, I did go to a conference but I didn't get enough materials to create an interesting post - or a post as interesting as I can make it. So this will be a very short post. A couple of posts ago I mentioned that I thought I would try creating a macro that would be a guided review of the ACA reporting to make...
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Using a macro to help me review data

New Idea - Using Macro as Guide to Review Data
[Yesterday I was going to do a post but Microsoft had other ideas for me. It turned out they hadn't finished updating my machine last week so last night I had to let it finish the update. Besides WordPress was telling me that I did not have the latest version of Microsoft Edge. Unfortunately, by the time Microsoft finished the update, it was time for me to wrap up and get ready for bed.]...
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Experimenting with Heat Maps

Research data - attempting to do analysis by using a form of heat map
I tried to do this post this morning but my machine wanted to do something else: either Apple was trying to push something or my security software wanted to do some updates. I can't tell which was preventing me from doing anything, either going out to the Internet or shutting off my machine. So I let the machine spend a couple of hours doing what it wanted to do and I initiated my securi...
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