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I Need to Learn Statistics

I Need to Learn Statistics
The week before last week I had been going through a book on Excel simulations but then I got sick and work became busier, so I had to put the book aside.  The last set of simulations that I had been going through were centered on statistics. In going through these simulations, there were some things that were confusing me. First, there seems to be some interchangeable terms (?) such as confide...
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You Need to Include User Experience

User Experience
This week I had a request for help in designing a report for submission to owners. Previously, the managers have been pulling a bunch of reports and trying to manually produce the report, but on Thursday I got a cry for help. Understandably, they just got tired of doing it manually. And this request wasn't just solve the technical problem, although it was couched in those terms, but it also nee...
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Using Array Formula for the ACA Data Review

Array Formulas - A New Use
Since Saturday I’ve been working on reviewing data for the ACA forms (healthcare reporting for employees) which I just completed today. The forms are now in the process of being printed and put into envelopes for mailing. As part of my review I was looking at the internal logic of timelines for each employee to make sure there were no obvious red flags. One of my review was a search for employe...
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Various Activities Going On

I can't believe I have not thought of this before
I am time crunched right now as I am working on the ACA, so I will stick to some quick notes on a couple of things. How come I haven’t thought of this before? Two or three weeks ago, I was reviewing some numbers, especially looking for things such as “#N/A” or “#VALUE!” or “#DIV/0!”. I either try to look for those errors using my eyes or use the filter method where I check to see if those error...
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Automation Speed – 2 hours to 1 minute

Speedy Automation
Every day I encounter another article or two discussing the impact of automation on jobs. I’m sure most people are hearing or reading about such things, but outside of IT, do they really understand how blindingly fast computers can go, performing flawlessly (once programming has been tested and perfected) without tiring? And the IT guys, do they understand that eventually, they will be impacted...
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Using Data Tables for Simulations

I think I get it now - using data tables
Last year, or maybe it was two years ago, I tried to go through this simulation book, Excel Simulations by Dr. Gerard M. Verschuuren, and blog at the same time about it, but it ended up being too much. I was trying to come up with good examples to use with the simulation exercises and then write about it every week and also come up with a decent picture to go with the post. I just couldn’t keep...
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