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When Macros Fail

When macros fail
A little quick note on that issue I had where the vendor’s exported Excel files were not cooperating with Microsoft: my macro no longer could “see” the downloaded files, even when “open”. The security warning message never showed up to say that the file was in Protected View mode. I even created another macro to ask itself what did it see and the answer was the file in which that macro resided ...
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Having Problems with Files Blocked in Microsoft

Why Do They Have to Mess Up - Microsoft and 3rd Party Vendor
A couple of weeks ago, our software vendor updated their software, especially the front page of their product. Unbeknownst to us, Microsoft also did some security updates during the same week. Grrrrrrr. #!%#$@!#. Double grrrrrr. Problems pop up sporadically and then clears up. The problem is in the downloads. Microsoft will apply the usual protection feature to internet downloads but this time,...
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More Experimentation to Make Data Tables Work

I did some more experimenting with data tables to see why my last efforts with data tables did not work. A biggie is that the input variable has to be hard coded - it cannot be a formula which is a bummer because I like to have the flexibility to alter things. The numbers have to be entered as a hard coded number or can be set as a series fill (Home - Fill - Series). The other biggie is the out...
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Now I Know Why I Don’t Use Data Tables

Excel Data Tables - Whiy I Don't Use Them
I spent some time working on how to use data tables with some question at work and I now know why I never used them before: the type of work I did before (and now) just don't lend themselves well to the formulation of data tables. Also, the people I'm working with don't necessarily ask "what-ifs" questions. Data tables can have at most 2 varying variables. I was looking at a situation of limiti...
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Analysis of an Outlier

Analysis for an Outlier Problem - Data Tables
A couple of things to mention before I get into the heart of this post: 1) It's that time of the year again where I have a lot more things to do and paradoxically I get close to nothing done. Like this weekend. I had planned to do quite a few other stuffs this weekend but then midway on Saturday, I realized that I have only 1 more week until Thanksgiving. Which means if I want to beat th...
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There is a Limit to How Long a Macro Can Be

Limits on How Long Your Macro Can Be
This is going to be a quickie post because I did not do anything exciting. Well, I did go to a conference but I didn't get enough materials to create an interesting post - or a post as interesting as I can make it. So this will be a very short post. A couple of posts ago I mentioned that I thought I would try creating a macro that would be a guided review of the ACA reporting to make...
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