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As I’ve Said Before, Robots Are Coming

Robots Are Coming (to Rural Wisconsin)
On Sunday, I wrote that there were signs that jobs were coming back to the U.S. or that new ones utilizing your passions and Uber were being created. But...robots are also coming. One factory in Wisconsin is finding that it must bring in robots because it couldn't find the skilled talent to replace the looming retirement of the baby boomers. A lot of the youngsters are just too wracked b...
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Good News on the Job Front: Reshoring Jobs and a New Concept

Good News on the Jobs Front
I'm in the process of taking notes on the book The Second Machine Age by Erik Brynjolfsson and Andrew McAfee before reading their latest book that provides prescriptions on what kind of skills you need for the machine age. The Second Machine Age book has a lot of great materials and a chapter on what we need to do in this new era. But I'm still in the process of taking notes and thinking...
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Listening to My Customers

Listen and Collaborate
We're on our third year with our automated operational reporting, which has been rolled out to both sides of the house. It kind of gives me a secret thrill to think that once a week, everyone comes in to work in the morning, opens up the file and lets the program do its magic. And if they have done what they needed to do during the past week, the report is done in about five minutes. Now...
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Critical Thinking in the Age of Celebrities

Critical Thinking in the Age of Celebrities
About two or three years ago, I read a shocking article that about 1/4 of the American populace believed the sun revolves around the Earth. I wondered who were answering the question: uneducated immigrants...or young kids...or...? How was the question posed? The who stood out in my mind. Now, about a week ago, I read another article that said kids believed Kyrie Irving over their own tea...
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Resilience – key skill for the future

The last post talked about the distressing situation in the rural areas where little jobs are to be found and where a lot of the poor whites can be found. The residents subsist on disability checks and are often addicted to pills. And they all can't find jobs. So how does one stay out of this crushing situation? Part of it may be if an area does not have much employment prospect, get out...
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Non-Compete Clauses: the Cruelty of It

What Cruelty - the Use of Non Compete Clauses in Many Jobs
The immense greed of this: constricting the ability of employees to find another job through non-compete clauses. And we are not talking about IT folks or scientists with high end technical skills or working on crucial, innovative products for the company. We're talking about hair stylists, the folks making sandwiches, camp counselors. If you have to bind your employees to the side because you ...
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