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Some CEOs Think We Need to Reinvent Capitalism

Even CEOs Question Today's Brand of Capitalism
This is fascinating...even CEOs such as Aetna's chief are realizing that the current brand of capitalism is damaging. "But Mark Bertolini, the CEO of Aetna, recently offered another, starker rationale for creating more well-paid jobs: The survival of capitalism depends on it. “If we don’t reinvent the capitalist model,” Bertolini told the Committee for Economic Development, a business-l...
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David Lee’s TED Talk And Bloomberg Articles on Future of Work

PollyAnnish View of the Future
The following are links to a couple of Bloomberg articles on the use of robots on Wall Street: Want to Protect Your Wall Street Job from Robots? Robots are Coming for these Wall Street Jobs Bankers Publicly Embracing Robots Are Privately Fearing Job Cuts How to Survive Wall Street's Robot Revolution I'm always looking to see how humans can remain relevant against the robot o...
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Impact of Capitalism on Trump Voters

Dark Side of Capitalism 2
This post is actually going to contain two parts: the first part about the personality traits of the Trump voters and the second part about capitalism's role in the election. Now I always thought there were 3 groups of Trump voters: a) the hardcore supporters who believe in the white supremacy and racist elements of Trump's agenda (I would say this group would have value system that woul...
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Tax Reform A La Nick Hanauer

Nick Hanauer on Tax Cuts
Let's talk about tax reform...or maybe it's really going to be tax cuts rather than a reform. I've been reading in the news that most of the cuts are geared toward the wealthy (why doesn't this surprise me?) and that maybe those who make around 80-100K will see an increase in taxes. Those at the lower end will see only a minimal increase, maybe where around $600.  I've also read that mos...
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Keeping Up With New Revenue Recognition Rules

Keeping Up With New Financial Regulations
[Here we go again. Another storm is brewing and is supposed to hit the Gulf this weekend. No No No!] A few days ago I re-read some new financial regulations because I've been receiving emails about the new financial rules that will start this December. Since I don't do finance directly at this time, I haven't heard so much about this at work. It's been quiet. It may be because the owners...
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Fast Company’s End of Capitalism

Fast Company - End of Capitalism Starting?
[I'm still incredibly lazy and not accomplishing much. I'm still riveted to the news on the hurricanes but it looks like the latest one will definitely NOT enter the Gulf. So maybe now I can stop the binge watching and start doing other things. I have begun to do some art work and readings again this week, as well as do some research.] Recently, I read some interesting articles on capita...
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