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Fast Company’s End of Capitalism

Fast Company - End of Capitalism Starting?
[I'm still incredibly lazy and not accomplishing much. I'm still riveted to the news on the hurricanes but it looks like the latest one will definitely NOT enter the Gulf. So maybe now I can stop the binge watching and start doing other things. I have begun to do some art work and readings again this week, as well as do some research.] Recently, I read some interesting articles on capita...
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Another Article on Need to Change Capitalism

Another Article About Capitalism
I seem to be running into a lot of these types of articles where the authors are questioning the value of capitalism in today's society. This one started life in LinkedIn's Pulse but apparently it moved into other websites. Which is good because it is harder to link to a LinkedIn article. Anyway, here's a link to one website that is posting the entire LinkedIn article.This author comes c...
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Capitalism’s Impact: When the Largest Employer Leaves a Rural Town

Walmart - When They Leave Town
Walmart is one case of how capitalism does not help the average person. This article by The Guardian describes how one town in the US got impacted by Walmart when they came roaring into town and now, when they left.This town in West Virginia was different in that they embraced Walmart when the big box store arrived because it brought in jobs. I remember reading articles on how towns foug...
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Millennials Are Ready to Consider Capitalism As The Problem

Millennials Reject Capitalism
Fast Company had an article titled "Are You Ready To Consider That Capitalism Is The Real Problem?" Wow. A young college student asked Nancy Pelosi that question and she responded with "No, I'm sorry to say we're capitalists and that's just the way it is".Capitalism has done a lot of wonderful things for us but the kind of capitalism we've had for the last 20 or 30 years is not working f...
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Financial Readings

Finance Readings
Almost daily I get these news-emails about finance but I have never subscribed to them. They just started appearing in my work inbox one day. When I get stuck on a problem, I will turn to these news-emails to see what "they" (whoever they are) are trying to sell me. The news-emails are written like news articles but being suspicious, I think they may be soft sales - you might liken them ...
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What Value Do You Add?

What Value Do You Add?
About two weeks ago I read this article about a hedge fund guy who was alleged to have made improper trades and had made an agreement with the SEC to be disbarred from the securities industry for one year, with a re-application opportunity after one year. Five years later he is still disbarred while the SEC commission says they did not see how his re-entry would be in the public interest...
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