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Capitalism: BlackRock May Be Instituting Changes in Purpose

Capitalism - echoes of new thoughts
There was a surprising development in the past week or so that I still remain skeptical. I’m adopting a stance of I’ll believe it when I see it happens. But first, before broaching that surprising development, I want to point to an article on capitalism I read back in December. This article describes the problems with the current capitalism we have today. There’s nothing new in the article, but...
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Taxes, Trump and the Lemmings

Time to talk about the tax cut. While the tax cut remains deeply unpopular, there appears to be about 35% ,or thereabouts, who still supports the cut.  That 35% number also seems to be the ballpark number of the die-hard Trump supporters: they will support him no matter what. They supported him despite his racial comments about Mexicans bringing in crime, despite him calling McCain a loser for ...
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Paul Krugman: Distribution of Stock Ownership

Inequality - Stock Ownership
For quite some time I have had a suspicion that it was the wealthy that owned most of the stock since they derived most of their wealth (income?) from stocks. And every once in a while I would see something that would sort of depict who owned stocks: wealthy individual owners, hedge funds, mutual funds, pension funds, and other types of funds. But I couldn't get at the makeup of those "funds" -...
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Millennials’ Rejection of Capitalism

Capitalism and Millennials' Rejection of It
A couple of weeks ago I came across an article that shocked and dismayed me: something to the effect that the majority of the millennials would prefer communism. I wished I had kept the link to that article because now I can't find it. First off, I complain a lot here about capitalism due to its unrelenting focus on the shareholders to the detriment of everything else. Society as a whole is bei...
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Some CEOs Think We Need to Reinvent Capitalism

Even CEOs Question Today's Brand of Capitalism
This is fascinating...even CEOs such as Aetna's chief are realizing that the current brand of capitalism is damaging. "But Mark Bertolini, the CEO of Aetna, recently offered another, starker rationale for creating more well-paid jobs: The survival of capitalism depends on it. “If we don’t reinvent the capitalist model,” Bertolini told the Committee for Economic Development, a business-l...
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David Lee’s TED Talk And Bloomberg Articles on Future of Work

PollyAnnish View of the Future
The following are links to a couple of Bloomberg articles on the use of robots on Wall Street: Want to Protect Your Wall Street Job from Robots? Robots are Coming for these Wall Street Jobs Bankers Publicly Embracing Robots Are Privately Fearing Job Cuts How to Survive Wall Street's Robot Revolution I'm always looking to see how humans can remain relevant against the robot o...
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