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News Literacy: Discerning the Real from the Alternative Reality

Alternative Reality
Yea! I read a Wired article over the weekend about how some schools are teaching young kids how to evaluate information they find on the Internet. Along with that article, there were some other suggested readings I haven't read yet such as how Macedonian teens used/mastered fake news, how fake news work and how it can be stopped, following Trump's diet. The kids are learning news literacy. But acc...
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I Don’t Know Enough

I don't know enough
Last couple of weeks I've been doing some research trying to learn some new skills or new concepts and while I do that research, I come across some sites. I will peruse those sites to see what is being discussed and how that site is structured. One thing I'm learning: there's a whole lot of stuff to learn and some folks know a lot of mathematical/software concepts. They are way beyond me...
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Mindware: How Do You Know Which Theory to Believe In?

Mindware: Epistemics
Epistemics: a discipline "that fuses theory of knowledge, cognitive psychology, and philosophy of science (which is concerned with appraisal of the methods and conclusions of scientists)." Mindware, p 43, hardcover. Okay, I'm at the end of the book and trying to figure out how to encapsulate what it's all about. I think it's basically: how do you know if a theory is good and which exper...
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Non-Compete Clauses: the Cruelty of It

What Cruelty - the Use of Non Compete Clauses in Many Jobs
The immense greed of this: constricting the ability of employees to find another job through non-compete clauses. And we are not talking about IT folks or scientists with high end technical skills or working on crucial, innovative products for the company. We're talking about hair stylists, the folks making sandwiches, camp counselors. If you have to bind your employees to the side because you ...
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Staying With Real

Staying with Reality
There's a lot of books and articles out there about the dangers of the Internet and the digital life. There may be a few about how exciting the future will be but those are overshadowed by the dire warnings. Let's add one more: the dangers of getting out of touch with reality. We may be only in the beginning stages of losing touch with reality. When people get together, they spend their tim...
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