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Clinton’s Story



I read an article that gives an interesting perspective on a possible reason why Hillary Clinton is the way she is. It was a woman writing about her mother in the 1970's and what happened after her husband died: she lost her credit card, her car insurance and her ability to take out a loan, all because her husband died. Because back then, it was felt women was nothing without a husband.

Here's the article: "What My Mother Sees in Hillary"

This article gives an insight into why Hillary is the way she is: she is very hawkish because she had to fight for her rights. I didn't realize the state of affairs back then, but if it is true (and why would it be false?), then we've come a long way and don't know it.

A lot of people don't like Hillary because she's "dishonest". I myself cringe when I think of her as President. But...what if we've been brainwashed? Since the '90's people have been bashing the Clintons and there were so many investigations into their affairs (uh, the non-marital kind). After eight years of investigations, all they could find was Bill Clinton's affair with a young and willing staffer. That was all? Granted, it was disgraceful but I hardly thought it was cause for impeachment. I mean, probably at least 50% of the male population indulge in extramarital affairs. At the time, I thought it was possible that at least 50% of CEOs could be accused of having affairs because of their attractive position of power and money. So should they lose their position? I guess the males would say no because they can separate their affairs from their work responsibility.

I thought the Republicans came off very badly here, with a such a gross misuse of power and money.

But I wonder if we've been brain washed by that spectacle? Today, Hillary Clinton has endured countless investigations during her reign as Secretary of State under Obama. It sounds like more fishing trips by the Republicans. I have to admit, I don't pay much attention because it sounds so tiresome. So far, my impression is that they haven't found anything (yet again) other than maybe poor judgment in the email affairs. It is such a colossal waste of money on the part of the Republicans.

So with that history in the background along with the perspectives of what the 60's and 70's may have been like when she was growing up, we may not be giving Hillary enough credit. She might be dishonest, but I would think she is less dishonest than Trump (who has recently come out that he would not raise taxes on the wealthy, now that he has effectively won the Republican nomination - now talk about pulling a bait and switch!). She has always done public service and probably does try to fight for others whereas he has done the more selfish thing which is to make as much money for himself.

But will the American people do the right thing: listen closely, use their brain, and choose boring over exciting, choose respect over boorishness, choose public service over celebrity seeker?

All we can do is wait and see and hope.

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