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Data Breaches – There’s an Awful Lot of ‘Em

Data BreachesThere’s a lot of bad actors in this world. They range from the infantile teenagers to the truly malicious. The latest set of news are about the massive breach at JPMorgan, which, being a financial firm, would have one of the strongest set of security plans in place and yet, they’ve been hacked. This means just about everybody is vulnerable to being hacked.

Maybe Google has the strongest security; I was just reading about their Security Princess.

Before, you probably could avoid doing business online or minimize information availability but now it’s a moot point. Just the fact that you need to look for a job forces you to use LinkedIn. Any time you google anything, you leave a footprint. Any time you go out on the Internet, you leave a footprint. You swipe a credit card at some retailer and the store keeps a record of the transaction along with your credit card somewhere online, waiting to be hacked. Driver’s license information is stored somewhere on a server, available to be accessed by some computer. There is no escaping it, unless you go off into the wilderness to live in a cave.

And now , we have, or going to have, the Internet of Everything.

We sure are living in some scary times: ISIS, Russia and Ukraine, Ebola, data breaches, coming robotization of everything, anemic economic recovery.