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Entertaining Season

Entertaining SeasonThis week, the Republicans will have their debate and Donald Trump will be there because he is heading the pack in the polls. I don’t know if during the polls, people pick Trump because they want to hear him in the debate because he is entertaining or they are really serious – they really want him as President.

If the latter, that’s troublesome. He is more a showboater and has gotten worse since being in the “Apprentice”. The $8 billion figure he quotes as his wealth (and that depends on his feelings) contains $5 billion in the Trump name. So more than half of the $8 billion is in the brand, or so he says.

If people are picking him because they want a change, picking him is a choice of desperation. If people don’t like the way Congress is today, they have only themselves to blames. They picked these folks! And now they want to pick even sillier people!

If people are picking him because he is entertaining, that is just plain sad. That is not a good reason to pick someone.

It’s scary the state of affairs in America. I’m not talking about Congress (it’s bad enough). I’m talking about the American people themselves. Their reasoning process have gone off the rails.

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