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Evolution of the American white male

Evolution of the American white male

This election cycle has really shown the makeup of American's character, both men and women. It is not a pleasant thing to consider but I have to worry about the size of such populace who condones or displays a cavalier attitude toward others. It is very disturbing that in 2016 we have such outpouring of hatred.

We've had the "all Mexicans are criminals and rapists".

We've had the mocking of disabled.

We've had the disparagement of our military and "John McCain is no hero."

We've had "I could shoot somebody in the middle of New York times and people would still vote for me."

We've had "I would like to punch him in the face" violence.

We've had the "I like Putin for his strong leadership." (He assassinates his opponents.)

We've had the "Well, maybe the second amendment folks can take care of her."

We've had the "if I were president, you would be jailed."

We've had the bragging on tape of sexual assault because of the power of celebrity hood and the eventual brush off of "it's only locker room talk".

It was only on the subject of sexual assault, and on tape, that quite a few Republicans (but not all) started to renounce Donald Trump. But it shouldn't have reached that point; all of the other hatred and violence (and lies) he promulgated were reprehensible and should have been denounced earlier. But the elite Republicans and the base supported him. You have to wonder about the character of these people. It should not have reached to the point of graphic descriptions of sexual assaults for people to reject him; he displayed all of the repugnant qualities earlier.

And now we have white males agitating for the repeal of Amendment #19 which gave women the right to vote. Yes, some men, those who want to continue to grope us, want to repeal our ability to vote. What kind of monster are these men? America has come so far by giving rights to a lot of different groups of people (we still have a ways to go but we have come far), and yet, it looks like some white men are devolving back into apes.

This election cycle has unearthed some really ugly people, both men and women (yes, women), because of their support for hatred, bigotry and violence. It looks like they are willing to go so far as to break the rule of law.

Under Trump, we could lose democracy...We are devolving back into brutish apes.

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