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Metaskill - FeelingsSunday, October 19 – I read through this section and I still wonder how one develops these skills. These are not skills you learn in school; they are what you learn in the everyday living, provided society encourages such qualities. So far, in our society, logic trumps intuition. Do I hear STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) in the background? Now I would argue that a lot of intuition is going on in these fields despite all of the talk about logic. The idea of the DNA strand in the form of a helix came about in a dream, thus the unconscious/intuition informed the conscious a possible solution to the form.

But, according to the book (and it correlates very strongly with my gut feel), intuition can only come about after much practice or doing in the field. You do it and practice it so much that it becomes second nature. (Here’s the mastery that comes out of the 10,000 hours.)

Empathy is another one that is not highly prized in US society. When I think of empathy I think of social workers, teachers, the so-called “bleeding hearts”. Even the term “bleeding hearts” has a derogatory feel to it. These folks are not paid much compared to the standards of hedge fund managers. And how do you develop empathy? It seems like either you have it or you don’t.

Now the last one, social intelligence, has been gaining traction over the last few years. Or maybe I’m mixing it with emotional intelligence and resilience. That has been a hot topic since the Great Recession (or Lesser Depression). This one sounds like something you can actually develop.

All in all, I have to think some more about this chapter.