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Flat Earth – Are You Serious?

Flat Earthers

When I would read stuff like "25% of Americans believe the sun revolves around the earth" or "some Americans believe the earth is flat" or "some fundamentalists believe the earth is 6000 years old", I used to think that America always had people who believed in "outdated" facts, to put it kindly, and that we just know about these people today because of the 24/7 news effect and/or the internet.

But then I read this and think, "OMG, how can this be?" It seems to be that a number of fools are growing. 

I think we need two things: 1) annual requirement to take a "critical thinking" course, every year, to make sure we stay on top of ways to think critically and learn how to discern the fake stuff and 2) annual requirement to take a civics course.

You can't have a functioning democracy if the people are unable to think critically.

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