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Give It Time and They Will Learn

Give It TimeThis past week we saw lots of improvement.

So the implication of the past week is you have to give it time for people to learn how to use new things, especially technology. We spend 12 years in schools plus 4 more years in college before we are deemed qualified to work. So why do we continue to expect people to learn in one get go?

The way I see it is the first time is “I don’t get it! This makes no sense. It doesn’t work.” The second time is “It’s still confusing but what was it that we did last week?” And the third time, “Let me see, what did we do last week. I did this and it didn’t work so I think it was supposed to be this way…Ohhhh, now I remember. This is so easy. Now I get it.”

Lesson learned: We need to give people a couple of tries to experiment and explore what works. Eventually, they will get it; they may not like it but they will get it.

This upcoming week will be the hard part: actually looking at the numbers.

In addition, I learned how to create a list of files sitting in a folder via VBA. I used the help feature in the VBA editor and found a simple looking program to use. There were a lot of long programs but this particular one looked like it dealt concisely the issue at hand. And it worked! The only thing is I don’t understand everything in it. I figured how what parts are creating the hyperlinks and how to replace hyperlinks with just the file name.

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