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Ha! They Thought They Could Slip One Past Me

They Were Hoping We Would Miss the ErrorsThis past Monday, a lot of the managers were hoping to slip in their reports with errors in them, despite a big red error  box highlighting the error and a reminder at the end. And it was one of the easier errors to solve. It was amazing to see how they tried to get away with giving sloppy reports.

And my boss was like, “they know better”.

Yes, they do but I think they wanted to test how far they could go with letting things slip. Like I told my boss, “I guess they were hoping we would miss their errors. They don’t know I have a handy little tool that gathers up the information.”

So on Tuesday we had a training to basically say, “No red errors are allowed to be submitted.” She asked them questions: “What do the red errors mean? …Do you submit a report with these errors?…What do you do when you see these errors?…” She also showed them my little report that gathers up their data and displays who has done the report and which reports have errors and what kind of errors. Hopefully that was an eye opener and gave the a sense that they can’t slip in bad reports.

The automated report is working; the behaviors are not. We’re working on that.

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