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Have We Been Conned By Trump?

Have We Been Conned By Trump?

I think we've been conned.

He got all of the poor and the uneducated excited about him because he was going to fix things. "Make America Great".

Now, as soon as he has pretty much bagged the nomination, he is hinting that he will be different when running nationally as the Republican nominee. He will be more presidential; he will do what everyone else does. Um, if he does like everyone else does, he's not much of an outsider, is he? He's going to change? You mean, he may not have been his real self? He was just acting the way he was because he wanted to win the game?

You see, this is just a game for him. While for you, it will impact your LIFE.

He originally said the wealthy will need to pay more taxes because they've been winning the game and the middle class has been squeezed. This is pretty much what most of the population wants. Now, as of last week, he is saying he may not change the tax rules? So have we been conned?

Have the students at Trump University been conned?

Or how about the banks whom he defaulted on at least 4 times? Did he snow them with pixie dust?

We've been conned - there is no other way to describe it and now he is a step closer to the world's most powerful position with a finger on the nuclear button. It's time to use your grey matter in your head rather than listening to your fear before it is too late. As someone once said (I forget who), if we have a Trump presidency, we may not have another one after him.

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