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Having Problems with Files Blocked in Microsoft

Why Do They Have to Mess Up - Microsoft and 3rd Party Vendor

A couple of weeks ago, our software vendor updated their software, especially the front page of their product. Unbeknownst to us, Microsoft also did some security updates during the same week.

Grrrrrrr. #!%#$@!#. Double grrrrrr.

Problems pop up sporadically and then clears up. The problem is in the downloads. Microsoft will apply the usual protection feature to internet downloads but this time, the security message fails to appear. The result is the file looks open and enabled, but my macro cannot see the file. I even created a macro to tell me what it sees as open and the list comes up empty, except for the file that the new macro resides in.

Since both companies did updates close to the same time, it is hard to determine which change is the culprit.

Grrrrrrr. #!%#$@!#. Double grrrrrr.

I tried a few different ways to make the download work:

  1. sending my own downloads
  2. changing the process of opening the download files from all at once (in bulk) to one by one
  3. checking the internet permissions for the website
  4. checking the Trusted Center set up

The best method that appears to work is to copy the downloads to a new Excel file, one created within Excel itself. This method worked for the most stubborn cases (when options 1 through 4 did not yield success). But copying and pasting 7 downloads into new Excel files is a bit of a time consuming process. I now have a macro to do that on my end but it's not optimal.

The problem is this vendor is unable to keep up with the updates Microsoft does. Right now, their software is incompatible with Microsoft Edge so we have to use Internet Explorer 11. On machines with Microsoft Edge, we have to pull in the IE 11 and do some additional set up with the internet options.

This is the same vendor whose Excel downloads are crazy - the downloads don't fall into a table style. Numbers can fall into varying columns; there's a lot of merged cells; there's inconsistent spacing; there's spacing between rows. Their downloads are difficult to work with in Excel.

Grrrrrrr. #!%#$@!#. Double grrrrrr. I wish we had a better vendor.

We're going to have to do something different.

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