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Hiring Process – Interesting SlideShare I Found

Hiring Process - brokenThis post will be something different – it won’t be about Excel, math, data, programming or finance/accounting. It’s off the beaten path.

Earlier in the week I saw a SlideShare about the hiring process. The author spoke about his experience with hiring and it was very uplifting. He has a different approach to hiring: for those that do not receive a position in his company, he reaches out to others to see if they would be interested in hiring.

He’s my kind of person.

Here’s the link to his slides:


Please go look at the slides!

There is one slide that really resonated with me: “The best employees are good at doing a job but bad at getting one.The last thing you need an employee to be good at is getting a job.”


This is different from thinking that there must be something wrong with the person.

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