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I Don’t Know Enough

I don't know enough

Last couple of weeks I've been doing some research trying to learn some new skills or new concepts and while I do that research, I come across some sites. I will peruse those sites to see what is being discussed and how that site is structured. One thing I'm learning: there's a whole lot of stuff to learn and some folks know a lot of mathematical/software concepts. They are way beyond me. It's kind of discouraging.

Here's a couple of things I want to learn or get familiar: Python and/or R, statistical thinking, (deep) machine learning, algorithms, macros/VBA, analytics, big data analysis concepts, AI programming.

However, that whole area seems ripe for takeover by AI. Those are the kinds of things that AI could do, so why bother? I guess it's because I'm curious and would like to know how these concepts work, just to forearm myself.

The other things I'm working on are visual communication, art, design thinking. I would also like to understand web development/HTML/CSS, information design, Tableau. This area has less likelihood of AI takeover, although the boy geeks are working on creativity.

But there are a whole bunch of people way better than me on either the mathematics or design/art sides.

And the research I've been doing isn't getting anywhere. It's depressing.

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