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Just Nasty

Boy, this election is just nasty! All of the name calling and threats of underlying violence from the Trump side and the implied characterization of dishonesty on the Clinton side is making this campaign season downright ugly. The latest news is of the FBI Director sending a letter to Congress to inform them of the sighting of new emails on Anthony Weiner's "devices". Oh boy! But my understanding is that the FBI hasn't seen the details of the emails so they don't know anything about what's in the emails or who sent the emails. The letter to Congress leaves me with an impression that the FBI found more emails but that's it. The director just left us hanging, in the attempt to "not cause any misunderstandings".

Well, by leaving the letter so vague, you created a new set of misunderstandings, and possibly left us with an impression that there could be something nefarious in those emails. Well, played with those insinuations! We need more data! Not insinuations.

What is wrong with these people?

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