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Martin Shkreli a hero?

Martin Shkreli hailed as hero?I read an article by Rick Newman on February 4, 2016 titled “Martin Shkreli is actually a great guy” about, of course, the most hated corporate guy in America in 2015/2016 – the pharmaceutical CEO who price gouges the patients.

There was one line in the article that stood out and it went something like this: “This interview showed me that he isn’t a douche.” Another went something along the lines of “I thought you were a douchebag until I saw your interview.”

Really? He has supporters? He has fans? Who are these people? And what kind of story has Martin come up with to beguile his listeners? I can’t imagine what it could be that would make him a hero after raising prices 5000% (from $13.50 to $750 a pill).

Are these people stupid or are they heartless?

Are they the same as the folks who want to be or glorify the shareholder activists? Do they idolize the profit motive over everything else, including ethics and morals?

The future has just gotten scarier.

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