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More Experimentation to Make Data Tables Work


I did some more experimenting with data tables to see why my last efforts with data tables did not work. A biggie is that the input variable has to be hard coded - it cannot be a formula which is a bummer because I like to have the flexibility to alter things. The numbers have to be entered as a hard coded number or can be set as a series fill (Home - Fill - Series). The other biggie is the outcome variable must have some reference to the input variable but cannot reference the column (or row) that is filled with the varying input variable. The reference in the formula must be outside of the data table. Below is an upload of a sample file with experiments on how to set up the data table. The data tables with "*****" works because the outcomes match the expected outcomes modeled in column T.


In the file, I put some notes on what to do to make data tables work. Bottom line, data tables have some serious limitations but most of my work situations don't require this kind of analysis. If I do any of this kind of analysis, it's for my own pleasure.

This is the shortest blog ever! But then there is not much more to say here as I was experimenting to see what works.

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