A Solution for Looking Up Things When a Simple VLOOKUP Won’t Do

Some Solutions for Reporting
This post will go over some of the solutions I've thought of to enable automating the HR/Legal Report. I haven't finished yet, namely because there are a bunch more downloads that I'm supposed to receive, and because there are a few issues I still need to work out, but I thought I would provide a work-in -progress look. These downloads are any downloads that any company would get so they...
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Interesting Challenge: Automatically Pulling in Legal Information into a Readable Document

New Challenge: HR Report
This week I got a new interesting challenge. My HR VP needs to have an easier way of updating HR legal information that comes in about two times a year. She either receives or downloads the information, of which there are maybe about 12 separate pieced of information.  I received 4 as examples. Since the company has grown and now operates in multiple states, there is a greater need of fi...
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News Literacy: Discerning the Real from the Alternative Reality

Alternative Reality
Yea! I read a Wired article over the weekend about how some schools are teaching young kids how to evaluate information they find on the Internet. Along with that article, there were some other suggested readings I haven't read yet such as how Macedonian teens used/mastered fake news, how fake news work and how it can be stopped, following Trump's diet. The kids are learning news literacy. But acc...
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Testing My Macros and Failing

Testing My Macros
There were five solutions to add to my boss' machine and the first set of macros for the first solution (automation of filtering proper GL accounts when a site is chosen) did not work. Oops.These macros weren't just any ol' macros - they were macros to go into the PERSONAL.xlsb file and they were event handler type of macros (one was a class macro). I was trying to do the "easy" way for ...
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Neo-Generalist: A New Way of Being

The invite to connect in LinkedIn read: “I read your fine post/synthesis 'Skills you will need for the future'. Thank you for sharing your reflections. I'm a friend of Marty and I've followed Ito's work for a long time." Kenneth MikkelsenThis personal message led me to buying and reading his book. And I'm glad I did.The message was the first time anybody made the effort to write out a pe...
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Breakthrough on Testing Excel Files

Breakthrough in Automating - Partially - Testing
In my last post I mentioned that I was testing a revamped spreadsheet and was having a difficult time of it because the testing required detailed testing of each cell. The revamp was extensive and the testing is massive (large number of cells and probably at least 15 tabs to go through). I'm not really good at repetitive stuff which is why I try to automate such activities - either by fo...
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