What a Relief – Doug Jones Defeated Roy Moore

Thank You Alabama
Well, that's a relief - Alabama actually voted in Doug Jones rather than Roy Moore, an admitted pervert. I didn't think Alabama would elect Doug Jones - I wasn't having much faith in them or Americans in general. Doug Jones succeeded because the blacks came out in force and I would like to thank them for that. They really needed to in order to save themselves. I would also like to thank some of...
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More Experimentation to Make Data Tables Work

I did some more experimenting with data tables to see why my last efforts with data tables did not work. A biggie is that the input variable has to be hard coded - it cannot be a formula which is a bummer because I like to have the flexibility to alter things. The numbers have to be entered as a hard coded number or can be set as a series fill (Home - Fill - Series). The other biggie is the out...
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It’s a Mad, Mad, Mad World

It's a Mad, Mad, Mad World
I used to think that religious Americans try to do what is right, even though we are all humans and do things we shouldn't. Granted, some of the worst wars stem from religion but it also provided guidance on living morally and on treating others with respect and tolerance - at least some religion did. But now, after the evangelicals supported and voted in Trump, and after the latest news statin...
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Flat Earth – Are You Serious?

Flat Earthers
When I would read stuff like "25% of Americans believe the sun revolves around the earth" or "some Americans believe the earth is flat" or "some fundamentalists believe the earth is 6000 years old", I used to think that America always had people who believed in "outdated" facts, to put it kindly, and that we just know about these people today because of the 24/7 news effect and/or the internet....
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Millennials’ Rejection of Capitalism

Capitalism and Millennials' Rejection of It
A couple of weeks ago I came across an article that shocked and dismayed me: something to the effect that the majority of the millennials would prefer communism. I wished I had kept the link to that article because now I can't find it. First off, I complain a lot here about capitalism due to its unrelenting focus on the shareholders to the detriment of everything else. Society as a whole is bei...
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Now I Know Why I Don’t Use Data Tables

Excel Data Tables - Whiy I Don't Use Them
I spent some time working on how to use data tables with some question at work and I now know why I never used them before: the type of work I did before (and now) just don't lend themselves well to the formulation of data tables. Also, the people I'm working with don't necessarily ask "what-ifs" questions. Data tables can have at most 2 varying variables. I was looking at a situation of limiti...
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