(I’m a) Work In Progress

Work In Progress
I have nothing real to post because everything is in a state of "work in progress". Worrying about the hurricanes cut into my productivity (what little of it anyway) - speaking of which, the latest models for Maria doesn't look good for the Carolinas. The models seem to be shifting west again, just like Irma shifted west toward Florida. Oh no, not again. Anyway, I'm in the midst of readi...
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Fast Company’s End of Capitalism

Fast Company - End of Capitalism Starting?
[I'm still incredibly lazy and not accomplishing much. I'm still riveted to the news on the hurricanes but it looks like the latest one will definitely NOT enter the Gulf. So maybe now I can stop the binge watching and start doing other things. I have begun to do some art work and readings again this week, as well as do some research.] Recently, I read some interesting articles on capita...
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Experimenting with Heat Maps

Research data - attempting to do analysis by using a form of heat map
I tried to do this post this morning but my machine wanted to do something else: either Apple was trying to push something or my security software wanted to do some updates. I can't tell which was preventing me from doing anything, either going out to the Internet or shutting off my machine. So I let the machine spend a couple of hours doing what it wanted to do and I initiated my securi...
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Still Anxious and Can’t Get Things Done

Anxiety: Tropical storms Maria and Lee
Well, Hurricane Jose does not look like it will travel our way but now storms Lee and Maria (especially Maria) look like they could get into the Gulf. It's really hard to start thinking about other things when we have these storms constantly forming in the Atlantic and looking like they will travel our way. Two really bad hurricanes - Category 4 no less - are enough for the 2017 season! ...
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Oh Dear, the Davos Participants Are Trying to Have a Purpose

Profits with Purpose - Davos 2017
[I am waiting for one more hurricane to be done with and then I can get back to normal. I don't like the suggested path of the hurricane out in the Atlantic so I can't rest easy. Although I don't think it will come here but still... I'm so tired. I can't wait for December so this season is over.] While I'm still low energy, I will do an easy post today. On LinkedIn, I follow Kenneth Mikk...
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Too Distracted to Post

Too Distracted - three storms in the Atlantic/Gulf
This will be a quick post because I am too distracted by the three storms sitting in the Atlantic/Caribbean/Gulf. After Hurricane Harvey, our town can't take on more water until everything has subsided. Just to the north of me, there are some homes still flooded. Irma is not supposed to come here, so why am I so anxious? Well, the meteorologists have said this is a category 5 and they ha...
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