Testing a Revamped Budget File

Testing Software
The past week I've been reviewing a revamped budget file. The budget file is totally revamped which means extensive testing is required. I was able to design an automated checking of whether cells are appropriately locked (or unlocked) using the CELL("protect", ref) function. I also have a user defined function CellFormula (a macro) that shows the cell formula as text but I haven't yet s...
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Thank You for Being Late: a Summary of What We Should Do in a World of Robots

Thank You for Being Late
“The Dutch chess grandmaster Jan Hein Donner was asked how he’d prepare for a chess match against a computer like IBM’s Deep Blue. Donner replied: “I would bring a hammer.” From Thank You for Being Late, Chapter 7, by Thomas Friedman, which itself has pulled from The Second Machine Age. This is a common feeling among people not in the tech industry. People fear being left behind. The wor...
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I Don’t Know Enough

I don't know enough
Last couple of weeks I've been doing some research trying to learn some new skills or new concepts and while I do that research, I come across some sites. I will peruse those sites to see what is being discussed and how that site is structured. One thing I'm learning: there's a whole lot of stuff to learn and some folks know a lot of mathematical/software concepts. They are way beyond me...
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Using Excel’s Userforms

Excel Userforms
I keep learning new things. Lately, my boss wanted an easy way of "printing" her budget file as an Excel file but without formulas to send to our customers. Previously, she sent the budget file as a PDF but you know you can't use the information in Excel unless you have the professional version of Acrobat to convert the file from PDF or you key in the data into your own file. She needed ...
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It’s Sad How Fast Macros Are

Sad - Macros are Superfast
This is going to be a quick post but I have to note something. Today, I read an email where the reports done on Monday will now be due by 10:30 am.  This is very aggressive deadline considering that the summary report for the executives would be sent out between 3 and 6 pm, as a rough general rule. The last few weeks we've been running the preliminary summary report by 11 am for our Mond...
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Automating the Budget Process

Automating the Budget
It's budget season again and we're back to trying to make the budget file better. Because of the nature of our business, we have sites that use different sets of GL account codes which makes creating a single budget file problematic. But my boss is a master of Excel. Most people would create three separate files but she is creating a single file to handle all situations. The way she is d...
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