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Non-Compete Clauses: the Cruelty of It

What Cruelty - the Use of Non Compete Clauses in Many Jobs

The immense greed of this: constricting the ability of employees to find another job through non-compete clauses. And we are not talking about IT folks or scientists with high end technical skills or working on crucial, innovative products for the company. We're talking about hair stylists, the folks making sandwiches, camp counselors. If you have to bind your employees to the side because you fear that they will take away special knowledge, then pay them well for that expertise.

This is obscene and immoral.

If you have to use non-compete clauses, then that means that your management skills are non-existent. Your people skills are non-existent. And probably your business acumen is non-existent.

At some point, employees will turn.


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