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Oh Dear, the Davos Participants Are Trying to Have a Purpose

Profits with Purpose - Davos 2017

[I am waiting for one more hurricane to be done with and then I can get back to normal. I don't like the suggested path of the hurricane out in the Atlantic so I can't rest easy. Although I don't think it will come here but still... I'm so tired. I can't wait for December so this season is over.]

While I'm still low energy, I will do an easy post today. On LinkedIn, I follow Kenneth Mikkelsen, one of two authors of The Neo-Generalist which I did a post earlier in the year. At the time of the post, I failed to mention that I also follow his Scoop.It "page" which is well worth reading. Scoop.It is a type of social media (?) where people share articles that they've read and think are worth reading. Mr. Mikkelsen's interests dovetail with mine (the future, learning, the world of work) so I'm following his page to learn about other articles to read.

He recently wrote an article about a talk on a certain topic at Davos 2017: "Profits with Purpose". Apparently, a lot companies are now on the bandwagon to have a purpose (similar to the mission statement and the value statement of yore) for their business. But like the mission and values statement, they don't come off as real. Read the article. He explains very well what is a purpose and some of the reasons why some of the speakers are not very believable.

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