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Ommmmm….grant me patience

OmmmmmmWe had another go at it and I thought there was some improvements, but my boss didn’t think so.

It wasn’t my program or the formulas, at least not at the moment; it was mainly their behaviors:

* Some just didn’t do it;

* Some didn’t read the email about the changes;

* Some didn’t follow the instructions;

* Some didn’t set the date on their system correctly; and

* Some had been out on vacation so they had to do some catching up.

Ommmm, grant me patience.

It’s actually kind of funny.

One lady that I was talking to was still trying to copy and paste her download. She hadn’t read the email about that particular change. My boss heard the conversation and came over. It turned out that she already had the same conversation with the lady earlier in the morning. I’m was like, “Huh?”

Others tried to pretend they did the report by saving the file so it looked like it was used, or even changing the date within the report. The changing of the date in the report could only happen if the program aborts in the middle, due to either the download was not open or the file was misnamed. This abort would leave the file unprotected, thus highlighting a huge flaw which I’ve been working on fixing.

It looked like a lot of “Do whatever it takes to get something out there.” They have such can-do!

So now, I have learned how to handle errors and have embedded some error handling codes. I have also encoded some message boxes to provide warning at the beginning that if the files were not open or were misnamed or if the system date was off, the main file with the macro would shut down.

So I have killed those set of bugs. Now let’s see what else comes up.


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