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On the Other Side of Hurricane Harvey

Hurricane Harvey - out of danger zone, I think

I'm really tired but am on the other side of the storm/hurricane. My community did not flood but we are bounded by flooded areas just north of us, by the dam somewhat to the west (it's not far enough away for me!), some flooded streets to the east of us, and a closed down intersection just down the street from us due to sewer or drainage backups. I can actually see the flooding at the intersection. There are some stalled cars. The backups might be precipitated by the ongoing bayou flooding to the north of us. Today, a tiny way out to the east developed but I can't get to work because I have to first traverse a majorly flooded highway and then somehow get around the flooding bayou. 

It looks like all other bayous in the city are back in the banks, with the exception of the one to the north of me.

For some reason, my internet connection gave out this afternoon so I'm using an alternative, which thankfully, I loaded on Friday.

I don't know if I will post another blog this weekend, at least of the one about the book The Second Machine Age.  I might post shorter ones instead, just to learn how to use this alternative method of posting.

Okay, that's it for tonight. Like I said, I'm tired. I've been monitoring news about the dam and bayous every two to three hours, in case there are further developments.