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Paul Tasner: Starting as an Entrepreneur at 66 Years of Age

This is Amazing: Paul Tasner TED talk

Wow! This is absolutely amazing and inspiring. At 66 years of age, after 40 years in the corporate world working for others, he became an entrepreneur. And possibly a successful one.

There is hope for life after corporate world.

I do believe he was able to do this because he had some relevant skills: engineering training, management skills from corporate world, and possibly financial resources (more than most youngsters). I don't know if he always had an entrepreneurial instinct - it is not clear from the talk. I almost think you have to have some skillset in that area.

He did mention an astonishing statistics: 70% of businesses started by the elderly succeed? That's really an astonishing statistics (I'm repeating myself...but still ... 70%...).

Anyway, I just read the written version and it is still inspiring. Now, I just have to figure out where my skills connect with what people want. That's always the bugaboo, isn't it?

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