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Procrastination Projects

ProcrastinatingI haven’t been posting much lately because I’ve been trying to first finish up things that I’ve been procrastinating – deal with them first before doing any post. Yesterday, I finished one of those things and have one more left. At work I’ve been trying to develop a video training of the automated work and the part that was holding me up was having to listen to myself. I don’t like to hear myself talk. I’m about half way through the training modules.

In addition, last week my computer was doing a LOT of upgrades. The upgrades would just hold up my machine so it was no use trying to do any posting. Then yesterday, I needed to complete my other procrastination.

Otherwise, nothing exciting in my world. I’m still working on that problem of assigning random actions to the renewal/move in/vacancy problem.

Hopefully tomorrow I will do 2 posts on simulations. I was going to do one of them last week but the computer upgrades were taking so long that I ran out of time.