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Programming Test No. 2

Still ProgrammingThey had trouble opening up the download files.

I re-did the macro after finding that they had problems copying and pasting, especially pasting to the yellow cell. There were some merged cells issues caused by the OneSite download.

So I had spent about a week re-working the program and ending up writing a macro to do the copying and pasting for them to avoid blowing up the size of the file

So we did another trial this past Monday.

Some tried it. Some didn’t . And it looks like some tried faking it.

Dropbox was still an issue but the problem of opening up the downloaded file cropped up. Our machines now try very hard to protect us from bad viruses so when they encountered the downloaded files, the laptops regarded them as dangerous alien beings. What ended up happening is that the files will look like they have been opened but really have not, and the macro gives an “out of script” error when looking for the opened files.

Again, my boss thought about going back to manual.

I think we need to go through this stage of training everybody to check that their files are open. Those that did, got past this stage and the macro worked. It is just going to be a long month training them on the basics of Excel.

We will try again this next Monday.

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