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Random NotesRight now I’m doing a video training on how to do the automated report and videos are TIME CONSUMING. First I decided on some “bite” sized modules (“bite” is in quotes because it is questionable whether some are bite-sized), so that the person could take the training on his own time and at his own pace. The problem is keeping them short. I’m doing multiple versions of the modules in the hope that I can pick the best one and then edit it.

Listening to myself is painful. I spent about 2 weeks doing the vocals and visuals and now my voice is hoarse.

Now I’m in the editing stage. I’m learning how to use this video editing software. It’s kind of interesting on how it  works and it has possibilities.

The other thing I’ve been doing is trying to figure out this simulation but I got stuck on how to pull information from the download. I started out with one report and it downloaded beautifully. But I found out that report works only for one business unit. So now I’m working with another report, which works for all business units, but it does not download so beautifully.

Today, I found a new hidden character for space. Instead of 160 or 32, I now have 10 and it’s being injected in the middle of the phrase. And, so goes slowly the simulation project.

I can’t wait to get the video done so I can get back to normal. Even though it’s interesting, I’ve had to put a hold on other activities because the video production is taking quite a long time to do. I don’t know how people do YouTube. It has got to take a lot of time.

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