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Something New

Something DifferentWell, there’s a new in thing going around, or is at least more successful than I would have thought. On Thursday, we had a team building event where we got together to paint at Pinot’s Palette. Yep, painting. It appears that folks are enamored of painting, so Pinot’s Palette has “classes” where an artist guides you in the process of painting. The paint being used are acrylic and the subject matter are generally forgiving, such as landscapes, so that folks can come out of the session feeling good. Although I have to admit, this particular landscape turned out to be harder than I thought it would.

This concept started in 2009 and it is now expanding nationwide. I wouldn’t have thought that there was a burning desire to paint but there you go. Maybe in this era of hypertechnology, people want to go back and reconnect with the simple things. Also, not every company will do such things. I used to wonder who does these things whenever I would read about the fun things “companies” would do. Maybe it is shareholder companies that don’t have fun; maybe you have to work for a private company before management feels comfortable about indulging in fun activities to engage the workforce. Whatever the case may be, it was nice to get to know my colleagues in a casual atmosphere.

They are also funny. It is nice to be with people who can laugh and make jokes.

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