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Still Anxious and Can’t Get Things Done

Anxiety: Tropical storms Maria and Lee

Well, Hurricane Jose does not look like it will travel our way but now storms Lee and Maria (especially Maria) look like they could get into the Gulf. It's really hard to start thinking about other things when we have these storms constantly forming in the Atlantic and looking like they will travel our way. Two really bad hurricanes - Category 4 no less - are enough for the 2017 season! Maria, Lee, go away!

I can't wait for December. Maria, Lee, go away!

We need another cold front to come in! Maria, Lee, go away!

Okay, tomorrow I'll try to post something, just to keep up with the posting. I have an idea on what to write - I just need to arrange my images. And try to stay focus to get it done. It's something I've been working on, although without much success, but it will still be good to process, even though it was not successful.