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That’s Just Evil

That's Just EvilI read an article earlier in the week about Walmart and its plan to raise the wages of its employees. I can’t find the article but I am left with an impression that Sam Walton, the deceased founder, would roll over in his grave if he knew about the planned increases. There are two parts to the increases: 1) the actual monetary increases for the lowest paid and 2) increased training and opportunities. The author of the article says that the first part Sam Walton would disagree with but the second part he would support.

Keep in mind that we are talking about a juggernaut that practically decimated the small town shops and a lot of not so small companies with its low-cost business model.

According to the author and the way I perceived what the author said, Sam Walton deliberately kept employee wages low as a way of controlling costs. Yes, you want to control costs but the way he and his corporate heirs did it was excessive. Meanwhile, the family, with its greater than 50 percent ownership, inhale all of that money to become one of the richest family in the world, all on the backs of their poor employees. In order to survive, their employees have to depend on taxpayers.

The idea of keeping your employee costs extremely low so you can reap all of the income can only be described as evil. It’s just evil.

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