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The “banality of evil” raises its ugly head.

Banality of Evil Raises its Ugly Head

I think we are seeing the banality of evil across America.

Donald Trump spouts a lot of bigotry when he talks about building a wall and keeping out Muslims and Mexicans. Then there is an air of suppressed violence at his rallies and he has been quoted as saying he "would like to punch 'em in the face". His followers appear to be on the verge of throwing punches. There are the chants of "Lock her up" and the comment that she should be put before a firing squad and be shot for treason. I ask myself: "Who are these voters that would vote in a man like this? What kind of leaders are those Republicans that support him?"


I can't help but think there is a core of brutality and evil running through the American populace. We've had for years, on the one hand, a denial of assistance to those who have fallen on hard times and, on the other, a bestowing of tax cuts for the wealthy. That is a form of cruelty. And after many years of birther accusations and outright intransigence on working with Obama, racism is no longer hiding - it is parading around in public in the form of Donald Trump. Racism is another form of cruelty.

Donald Trump is a walking epitome of crassness and cruelty. After all of the things he has said, if you still support him, then I am left with the conclusion that, at heart, you are evil. And after what he has said yesterday about the Second Amendment supporters and Hillary, the term "banality of evil" comes to mind. If you still support him or make excuses for him or think he is just joking, I cannot help but think of that banality of evil. You are letting, condoning cruelty to walk the land. You are no longer Americans.

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