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The Crazy Political Season

The Summer Heat...in Politics, That Is

Wow. This past week has been crazy insane. It's like watching a train wreck. Typically, I don't keep up with politics because sometimes it makes me angry or anxious. I stay in touch by reading the news rather than be heavily involved in the TV production. So I skipped the Republican convention and I was going to skip the Democratic convention until I heard about Michelle Obama's speech. So I went to YouTube to hear it and afterwards, thought "Wow". I followed up by listening to Joe Biden's, Bill Clinton's, and President Obama's. President Obama's speech blew me away. Now I understand the power of speeches. Hillary Clinton's was strong too but maybe not as inspiring as President Obama's. Finally, I watched Donald Trump's speech and I fell asleep.

But this past week has been scary. I thought the George W. Bush of the 2000's might be a Hitler type (after the 9/11 incident) but after reading a book (again) about Hitler, I decided no, George Bush was not Hitler, namely because he did not have violent goons. He had goons, but not violent ones physically attacking people (well, outside of the war arena). He also said to embrace the Muslims, not attack them.

Donald Trump is another story though. If we vote him in, we may not have a democracy at the end of four years.

The Khans

The Khan's speech was extremely powerful and was the embodiment of the best of Muslims.

And what did Donald Trump do? He went low and became a child by attacking them with the implication that the silent wife was not speaking because of the implied Muslim tradition that wives are not to speak (or to be hidden away).

Leaders don't respond by attacking childishly. He should have ignored them or at least acknowledge their pain and their contribution to the liberty of America. But he wasn't big enough for that.

He lacks presidential material.

"Donald Trump, I ask you, have you even read the Constitution?" "You have sacrificed nothing and no one."
Khizr Khan

The Crying Baby

You could read a lot into this.

My take is this: When he was saying that "It's okay. I love babies. That BIG, BEAUTIFUL baby", he's really trying to convince himself to take it easy. But really, he didn't want to be interrupted.

His expression during the second round of crying didn't seem to change all that much, but that's just me reading into it.

It could be that most people would not want to have a crying baby in public spaces and that babies should be kept home.

Except Presidents are not supposed to be like most people. They should be greater than us and comport themselves in an inspiring manner.

He lacks presidential material.

The Putin Lover

The CIA man, Michael Morell, brought up some good points in his opinion piece, based upon his lifetime career in the CIA.

He points out that Putin is a career intelligence officer, trained in spotting the vulnerabilities of people and using those vulnerabilities to their gain. Putin could tell that Donald Trump has an insatiable need to be admired and complimented.

And so, Putin complimented the Donald and the rest is history. Donald Trump has said that Putin is a great leader, Russia did not invade Crimea and that he would not aid those countries attacked by Russia, unless they pay their fair share into NATO. (I think you could call that security by blackmail.)

Donald Trump is just too vulnerable to being manipulated.

"In the intelligence business, we would say that Mr. Putin had recruited Mr. Trump as an unwitting agent of the Russian Federation."
Michael Morell

To paraphrase: "If Ivanka is sexually harassed, I would hope that as a strong woman, she would find a job elsewhere."
Donald Trump

Roger Ailes Story

Really?! Really? You hope your daughter would find a job elsewhere if she was sexually harassed?

How about saying something like, "He has been a good friend of mine for many years, but if he did something like that, then I would have to condemn it. No man should sexually harass a woman. It should be tried as a crime."

Instead, it's find another job elsewhere? Hey, all of you ladies that are supporting Donald Trump, this is your future. Men will have freedom to sexually harass you and you will have to find a job elsewhere, if you can find one.

Donald Trump is not presidential material.

The Violence

I've been trying to understand who and why anyone could support Donald Trump with all of his lies and bigotry. His screaming and fear-mongering.

Some are the true bigots, like the KKK. Some are the forgotten like those passed by the corporations in the manufacturing heart or like those who are uneducated.

But watching this video (associated article is here) and others makes me think that there is a core of cruelty in the Republican party or maybe even in the general America. The question is how big is this core?

This is why I fear we may have a Hitler situation and may not have a democracy by the end of four years of Trump if he becomes President.

Folks, I know you don't like Hillary Clinton, but consider this: at least, at the end of four years of Hillary Clinton, we will still have a democracy and can vote again. With Trump, we might not. We might not even have a world left.

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