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The Deplorables

The Deplorables

Wow! It just doesn't end. Last week it was Miss Universe and his tweeting about her weight. This week it was his $1 billion in loss and the possibility that he could have avoided paying taxes for 18 years. And the latest is the 1995 tape where he talked in disgusting lewd terms about how he treated women. It sounded like sexual assault.

And now I just read an article that a Stern video just came out, with the same sort of sleazy sex talk.

But this is not news. We always knew that he talked very poorly about women, especially if they didn't look beautiful.

No, the really disturbing part is the Trump followers. In Wisconsin, there is or was a Trump rally tonight where Paul Ryan was to join with Trump. Paul Ryan disinvited Trump. And the Trump followers booed Ryan for disinviting Trump.

They didn't see anything wrong with Trump's behavior! They thought all guys do that! And some of the "they" were females!

The term deplorables really do fit some of them (not all, at least I hope not). Trump behavior in the video was very unbecoming and to think there is nothing wrong with it can only be called deplorable.

I can't even imagine what tomorrow's debate will be like. We have entered a really surreal world here.

"...most attendees passed off Trump’s comments as either a regrettable mistake 11 years ago or an example of boys being boys..."

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