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The Drug Crisis

Drug Crisis and Pharma's role

This is going to be a short post because I already lost twice what I've written and I'm tired of it.

I just want to say that the drug crisis has so much tragedy that it may be a factor in fueling the political rage.

For the point of this post, the pharma industry has been lobbying to prevent stringent regulations on the prescription of pain killers, a factor in the current drug crisis. In the early 90s, doctors probably didn't know the addictive nature and were prescribing these pain killers without enough attention to the dangers. Once the patient came off of the drug regimen and lost access to the pain killers, the patient then moved on to heroin, an inexpensive drug. They couldn't get off of the addiction.

Now the crisis is severe.

This lobbying by the pharma industry so they can maintain their profits for their shareholders is just evil. An article once implied that they subtly pressure the doctors to continue prescribing these pain killer. Shareholders before the people. That's evil. This is the dark side of capitalism.

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