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The End Does Not Justify the Means

The End Does Not Justify the Means

Oy, oy, oy, there is so much hand wringing in the news about Trump. There is so much out there that I can't keep up or make comments in timely fashion. Then there is the gay shooting in Orlando which is driving more conversations about Trump as well as arguments about gun control. Finally, there is the Trump University controversy about a judge's ability to be impartial - again, Trump is in the center of this. And the Republicans! Some of them falling in line behind Trump.

Trump, Trump, Trump - and not in a chanting adoring way.

Timothy Egan had a wonderful article about how history will judge the people of this time. The article is titled A Week for All Time.


A few choice phrases:
They will remember, a century from now, who stood up to the tyrant Donald Trump and who found it expedient to throw out the most basic American values — the “Vichy Republicans,” as the historian Ken Burns called them in his Stanford commencement speech.
The shrug from Mitch McConnell, the twisted explanation of Paul Ryan, who said Trump is a racist and a xenophobe, but he’s ours — party before country. As well, the duck-and-hide Republicans, so quick to whip out their pocket copy of the Constitution, now nowhere to be seen when the foundation of that same document is under assault by the man carrying their banner.
They will remember, in classrooms and seminars, those who wrote Trump off as entertainment, a freak show and ratings spike, before he tried to muzzle a free press, and came for you — using a page from another tyrant, Vladimir Putin, admired by the homegrown monster.
... They will remember, in a week that gave us a scary peek into the heart of American darkness, how the civil ties that bind a nation of people from all nations could be shredded. The blood from the Pulse nightclub in Orlando, no less a battlefield than Shiloh or Bull Run, was not yet dry when Trump was congratulating himself — a sleep-deprived narcissist on a morning me high. The worst mass shooting in American history was not about the murder of everyday people; it was about him: “Appreciate the congrats for being right.”
And there is more. Read the article - there are more beautiful heartfelt turns of phrases.
The Republicans - they talk about how it's un-American to be racist. How about the entire 8 years when the Republican party refused to work with Obama in running the country? Or how about Rush Limbaugh saying that the Republican party is to stall and do nothing just so Obama could fail? You can't get more racist than that. And then to stand there and piously castigate Trump for his incendiary comments about the Mexicans and Muslims. No, the Republicans opened the door to the Trump candidacy with their intransigent behavior that led to a do nothing Congress. And now a good sizable portion of the Republican voters have turned toward Trump.

And Paul Ryan: he is voting for Trump, albeit weakly and with some objections to the racist comments, because Trump will promote the Republican conservative agenda. So it's the party before the people's welfare? The good of the party before the good of the country? So he and others in the Republican party will overlook the bigotry, the hatred, the underlying violence, just as long as the Republican agenda is moved forward?

The end does not justify the means!

You can't use bigotry and violence to get to where you want to go. And so, if Trump is voted in, all of history will judge ill of the American people for their appalling choice. The top leaders will be remembered through history in infamy, forever and forever.

And quite possibly vengeance will  find you before your last dying days. The Germans just finished a court case where a former Auschwitz guard was convicted in aiding in the murder of civilians. He was 94 years old and the events took place about 75 years ago.
Mentioning this article brings to mind another point. The Republican leadership are craven to fall in line behind Trump in the name of preserving the party but I wonder more about the people. The people who are willing, in their anger and pain, to vote in Trump. I know people want to vote in someone different and you can't get any more different than Trump but still, you have to think about what he really will bring. The article mentioned that a lot of the Germans out in the countryside supported Hitler because he offered a way to rise above their station, to be proud of their German heritage and their Fatherland. Oftentimes, it is the simple folks like you and me who vote in the monsters because we want something different: we can't go on with the same thing. And many years after the end of the war, the Germans were resentful (at least, that is how I understood the article) of the continuing court trials. I believe that is because deep in their heart, they knew of their culpability in the rise of Nazism and don't want to acknowledge it. And so, their anger and resentment festers.
I think the same dynamic is playing out in America, especially in areas where the economic prosperity has passed them by. I think there are two main groups of people: those who are bigoted and will always be and thus flock to the Neo-Nazis or KKK and those who fell on hard times as companies move out of the US in search of shareholder value. They are supporting Trump and don't care how he goes about making America great as long as they get their share.
What I wonder is how many of them are there? How many simple people are there that wants a taste of winning? How many will look the other way? How many are taking the path of least resistance?

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